Catrina Creations

Noemi Ixchel is a poet-curandera mixed media artist, writer, historian and cultural worker with Mexican and Caribbean roots. Born in Chicago, the Rio Grande Valley is home.

[image description: photo of Noemi taking a selfie, of using a filter surrounding by the galaxy]

I’m a sirena who knows one day she’ll return to the sea or the roots. I’m a crip/chronically ill lupine child of the moon, single mami to a multi-crip-fantastic little family.

I have an undergraduate degree from UT-El Paso and completed Mexican American Culture, museum studies and archives work at the University of Texas-Pan American (now the University of Texas-RGV). I received a MAIS from Western New Mexico University with concentrations in history and writing.

I started Hermana Resist Press, small press for publishing under represented people of color, after being involved in the and zine world for 20 years.

Some of my poems, essays, artwork and words can be found in Revolutionary Motherhood: Love on the Frontlines, Pimento: Journal of All Things Disability, Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind: Concrete Ways to Support Families in Social Justice Movements, The Geeky Gimp and Xicana Chronicles. I am serving as Yellow Chair Review’s first poet-in-residence. Every week I publish a poem that reflects on a theme or subject from current events, cultural relevancy or many of the invisibilities of living in a brown, queer, crip, chronically sick body.