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Collective Tarot Card One Card Reading & Creative Prompt

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I’ve created a way to use Tarot in a creative healing way and I share this with you through a reading and creative exercises. I created the creative prompts specifically using the Collective Tarot Deck. They can be used for writing or art, to contemplate the truths that are beyond us at the moment.
These tarot creative prompts are part tarot reading and also part creative prompt to help you in discovering the lines of poems that are inside you or that image that keeps showing up in your dreams.

You will receive a reading+questions to answer creatively that can be used in poems, free writing, mind mapping, collage and art pieces. These prompts will help you to reflect and unlocking parts of our hearts that we are having difficulty naming. You’ll transform the questions and feedback that I send you into a creative work.
I’ll individually create a prompt from a single card from The Collective Tarot and send this prompt that speaks to what the card means based on the note you add during checkout or on your name.   You’ll receive a personalized introspective creative exercise that is meant to answer something for you.

I’ve also used these creative prompts as a jump off point in collage, art and drawing projects.

This is a fun intuitive creative exercise. If this checkout system doesn’t work for you, payment can be made to with Paypal or Venmo, cash/check if you are local to me.



This Deck-

*The Collective Tarot is a collaboratively created, radically-politicked, queerly-revisioned Tarot deck. It’s the first Tarot that I reach for and I have created many, many, many poems, short pieces, postcard fiction and collages after flipping through the deck, looking at particular cards, having one or two cards propped up next to my window for the night or near my pillow. Some of these poems and short pieces have been placed in journals and other times, I’ve created collage pieces or black out art via a creative flow from the cards. They are bright and colorful, and I believe very conducive to bringing out parts ourselves via art and writing. This desk doesn’t go with the traditional suits but instead we see Keys (fire), Bottles (water), Feathers (air) and Bones (earth). The deck also doesn’t go with the traditional phase cards, here are gifted with the Seeker, Apprentice, Artist and Mentor.

Your creative exercise:

One card reading and creative prompt

Within 7 days, I’ll email you your creative prompt along with a quick snapshot of the card with a short description. Each exercise is personalized though some general writing and artistic ways to self-expression can overlap. You are free to print, save or meditate with the exercise, fold it up and sleep with it under your pillow or refer back to it time and time again. Please do not sell or share these exercises on social media as this means the work I put into individual work is bypassed.

About Me: 

I’m a poet-curandera and writer. I’m a nontraditional teacher and healer.




*These creative prompts are meant to be used for ideas to create and and writing that heal. Click here for information on mental health services and hotlines.